What motivates people? What is it about connecting with others that occupies almost every waking second of our day? Some social psychologists believe that all social interaction is derived from five core social motives: trust, understanding, growth, influence, and belonging.

To trust.
Developing trust allows us to let our guards down and act with more freedom. This allows an easier transfer of value between individuals and groups.

To understand.
Understanding social conventions allows us to predict how others might behave, enabling us to successfully navigate social situations.

To grow.
Growing, accumulating and improving are all ways of enhancing our self-worth in the eyes of others and ourselves.

To influence.
Influencing other people and our interactions with them allows us to exert control over social situations and our environment.

To belong.
An individual's relationship with the group is essential to physical and psychological health, which is why the notion of community is one of the most important things about what it means to be human.

The name has changed, but the game remains the same.

From smoke signals to WiFi signals, horseback messenger to Facebook messenger, we have always wanted to communicate as quickly and efficiently as possible. But there's a problem.

While our communication methods might have changed, we haven't.
We still tell the same stories, laugh and cry at the same things, experience events the same way, and we have a primal urge to share our thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, and dreams.

In a world increasingly shaped and defined by communication, however, understanding these stories and the principals behind them – which, like us, haven't changed since we sent smoke signal emojis – has never been more important.

Despite what the suits tell you, your customers are not numbers.

They are people. And we connect with them.
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