Facebook rolls out tagged products for business pages

Facebook tagged products

If you’ve used Facebook over the past few years to drive traffic to your website – and to generate sales – over the past 12 months you will have probably seen an increase in your efforts. Facebook constantly rolls out new initiatives to make referral traffic easier for users, and have recently introduced another new feature for us: Facebook tagged products.

At the bottom of the status update bar on your business page there will be a new button to tag products within your posts.

Tagged products on Facebook

Use your Facebook status bar to tag your products.

When you tag a product within a post, it will provide a link directly to that product’s page on your website. Instead of simply appearing as a link, however, it tells your audience that this is the ‘product shown’ within the content. What’s even more exciting is that you can tag up to 30 different products in the one post. Facebook’s intention behind this new feature is to assist businesses with the organic discovery of their products.

Recent post from Baby Bunting with Facebook tagged products

A recent tagged product post from Baby Bunting

Facebook has confirmed that they’re currently testing the feature, so it’s only available organically at the moment. But we dare say it won’t be long until they monetise this posting option within the ads manager – so make the most of it while you can.

We’ll be using this feature over the coming weeks to test how tagging products compares to the call to action button and the carousel product posts in driving organic traffic to our clients’ websites.

We anticipate that this new way of driving traffic to your website will exceed the average click-through rates of other types of posts because it’s an immediate call to action. Shoppers can see the price right there on Facebook and the tag even provides information on whether the product is currently on sale. It’s literally an extension of your website.

Note: to access tagged products you must have a catalogue or shop section set up on Facebook. Once you have done this, the option will appear in your status bar.

Written by Natalie East