Instagram: Don’t turn us on!

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If you’re an Instagram user, over the past few days you will have seen the countless posts asking you to ‘turn me on’. We say, don’t do it!

On March 15, 2016 Instagram announced that they’re making changes to their algorithm. These changes will prioritise the content you’re more likely to enjoy, instead of images posted in chronological order as it has been in the past.

Individuals and businesses have gone crazy over the past few days, posting images encouraging their followers to turn on their notifications. If you have taken their advice, you’re probably going to regret it.

While we all love Katy Perry, she posts photos on Instagram multiple times a day. Turning on notifications would be like receiving a text message from her every single time she posts. Now imagine that happening with multiple people you follow. Our lives are noisy enough; we don’t need this.

People have been up in arms about similar changes made to Facebook years ago and now they are tarring the changes to Instagram with the same brush – but it is so different. Why? The changes to Facebook were made to business pages. This ensured that users’ newsfeeds were not overtaken by marketing messages, which, when you think about it, we should all be grateful for. The difference with Instagram is that business pages don’t exist. You either have an Instagram account or you don’t; therefore we’re all on a level playing field and this is literally about giving you quality content.

Changing the Instagram feed from chronological order to related content will only help people and businesses who have superior content marketing strategies. If you’re giving your audience what they want, then your content will be prioritised in their newsfeed, and if they come online five hours after you have posted, they will see it. How good is that?

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These changes will sort the strategists from the pretenders and will make our Instagram feeds more relevant. Spend less time worrying that your audience will no longer see your content and spend more time focusing on how to deliver them what they want to see, and you can’t lose.

Don’t turn on our notifications, because while you think these changes are annoying, it won’t be as annoying as your phone beeping every single time we post.

Instagram - content marketing - social media

Written by Natalie East